Teachers – here’s six reasons to book our cultural heritage education programs!


1. Engaging Aboriginal and Māori experiences that connect students to culture, heritage and history.


2. Our program range includes tours and school incursions.


3. In alignment with traditional Indigenous pedagogies, Māori and Aboriginal Educators use hands-on experiences, storytelling, song and dance to weave past and present.


4. All programs are curriculum-linked and supported with comprehensive teaching resources. 


5. Other teachers recommend our programs 

Wonderful excursion; The guides were fabulous; An excellent experience; Content and timing was well planned and age appropriate; Will help students understand how a site can be open to a range of historical interpretations; I would strongly recommend this tour; Guides were friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about making it the best possible experience.


6. Programs can be enhanced with Indigenous taste sensations. Bush Tucker and Hāngi (traditional Māori catering) are optional inclusions.



Book a tour 

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