Why Kotahi Tourism?

Why Kotahi Tourism?

Māori heritage is intrinsic to who I am. The connection Melinda (my wife and Kotahi Tourism Co-Director) and I have to culture is one of the drivers for us to help others have a meaningful connection to the place they are visiting.

Kotahi is a te reo Māori word that is both a both a verb and noun. As a stative verb, describing a state of being, kotahi can be translated as to ‘be united‘. As a noun kotahi can be translated as ‘be one’, and used in expressions such as kotahi aroha (one love) or kotahi moemoea (one vision).

For Kotahi Tourism, it is in reference to people and the natural environment – be one.

We aim to develop sustainable tourism and education experiences that foster an understanding of our connection to the environment and to each other – be united.



Ki te kotahi te kākaho ka whati, ki te kāpuia, e kore e whati.

Nā Kīngi Tāwhiao

If there is but one toetoe stem it will break, but if they are together in a bundle they will never break.


Blog written by Hohepa Ruhe, Director, Kotahi Tourism.