illi-Langi – The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour

Be touched by the most ancient human culture on earth in a 90-minute leisurely walkabout with an Aboriginal guide in The Rocks, Sydney and journey into DreamTime, the culture of Aboriginal People.DSX_CampbellsCove.highrez

What to expect on The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour

Discover how the ancient Aboriginal DreamTime is still alive within the modern Sydney landscape and how the billion-year-old harbour, marine environment, sandstone strata, waterways, flora and fauna continue to influence how Aboriginal people live today.

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On this 90-minute leisurely walkabout you will:

  • Meet friendly, knowledgeable Aboriginal guides
  • Be welcomed with a local Aboriginal greeting and learn some of the language spoken
  • Participate in a Sydney cultural acknowledgement of Earth Mother using her ochre (traditional paint)
  • Touch – take the opportunity to handle cultural objects and materials in a safe environment
  • Learn about the Aboriginal DreamTime, it’s origin, history and culture
  • Understand the connection between modern Sydney and the Aboriginal Dreaming.

Places you’ll visit on the tour

  • Cadman’s Cottage – the meeting point for the tour and where we begin with an introduction, acknowledgement to Country and ochre activity.
  • Bligh and Barney Reserve – using seasonal native flora and fauna,  you’ll learn about natural resources and purposes/uses of plants such as lilly pilly, cabbage palm tree, casuarina, lomandra and Wollemi pine.
  • Campbells Cove – offers amazing views of world heritage listed Sydney Harbour. Here, you’ll hear about on the Aboriginal saltwater lifestyle and the spiritual importance of the Aboriginal sites, such as the harbour, Opera House/Bennelong Point and Circular Quay/Woccamagully.
  • Argyle Cut – learn about the importance of Earth Mother’s ochre (a natural paint), which exists in clay pods on the wall of the Argyle Cut.
  • Tar-ra – Dawes Point – connecting you deeper into the living wisdoms inherent in Sydney’s natural waterways, skies and landscape – the LIVING DREAMTIME.
When: Tours depart daily 10.30am – 12 mid-day and 1.30pm-3pm.Tours for school groups and private tours can be booked anytime (on request).We are ready to accept your NSW Discover Voucher.  

NSW Discover vouchers are accepted for illi-Langi The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour (March -June 2021).

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Please contact us for more information about illi-Langi – The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour in Sydney.

Dreamtime Southern X

The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour is 100% Aboriginal-owned and was developed by Aboriginal Elder, Margret Campbell, a Dunghutti – Jerringa woman. It is guided by Aunty Margret and Aboriginal guides who have her permission to share her cultural knowledge.

Kotahi Tourism is proud to work with Dreamtime Southern X to offer you this unique Aboriginal experience in the heart of Sydney.

Respect, Permission and Ceremony – First People working together. 

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