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Thank you for helping me organise yesterday’s programs. You have been by far the best coordinator I’ve ever worked with and I’ve been teaching for a decade. Everything was so easy and so smooth and I am truly grateful. The kids had a fantastic time and we all learnt so much. Jess and Brent have great experience with kids and it really showed. Please let them know how pleased we were with the programs  June 2018 Māori and Aboriginal Cultural Incursions for Years 5 & 6, Macquarie Fields, June 2018  

* Māori Cultural incursions

Thank you for the wonderful experience yesterday! Brent was amazing, I’ve already had lots of the students who participated thanking me for organising a ‘totally awesome’ time. Some are keen to demonstrate what they learnt at the whole school assembly (especially the haka). We will definitely be asking you back next year! May 2018, Year 8 Teacher , Southern Highlands.


 The incursions were fantastic. The kids, and teachers learnt so much and were completely engaged throughout. Thank you!  June 2018,  Year 5 Teacher, Macquarie Fields 


All children enjoyed learning the Haka, especially the boys. Girls were really interested in the poi songs and playing with the poi’s also.  July 2017  Kids Cottage Middle Harbour – school holiday program (incursion highlights)

* Aboriginal Cultural incursions - Koori Kinnections

Lovely interactions with the children! Very informative also. We will be doing this again.  April 2018,  Early Childhood Teacher,  Summerhill


It was perfect, thank you June 2018 Year 5 & 6 teacher, Macquarie Fields


It was great! Jess had a great manner with the kids. We loved all the artifacts, information shared and the games. August 2016, Year 3 teacher (teacher feedback survey)


* Poihākena tours: stories of Māori in Sydney

         Māori tours for school students“The guides were fabulous showing the class and myself the connections between the Māori culture and early Sydney. All the information was delivered in a meaningful way to our yr 3 group. I would strongly recommend this tour to any school exploring the history of Sydney. The hangi was fantastic value and added depth to the kids understanding of traditional Māori practices. I hope we can do the tour again next year.”  Year 3 teacher review, 1st April 2015. 5/5 stars on Trip Advisor.

“This was an excellent experience to culminate our unit of work on People and their Beliefs – New Zealand. The guides were friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about making it the best possible experience. The hāngi was a real highlight for our kids and the content and timing of the day was well planned and age appropriate.” Year 4 teacher review, 1st April 2015. 5/5 stars on Trip Advisor.

“Māori Sydney is a topic that has come into much sharper focus with the introduction of the new syllabus. The Polynesian expansion across the Pacific segues perfectly into the Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples, colonisation and conflict topic, and this outstanding tour offers the opportunity for teachers and students to discover the place of Māori in Australian history. For two hours you journey through a Sydney that you barely knew existed. Based in The Rocks, the tour challenges the traditional Eurocentric interpretation of the region, clearing away misconceptions to reveal a rich, vibrant and engrossing story. I think this tour would make a wonderful excursion for Year 8 students studying the Polynesian and/or the Colonisation and Contact units. It would also fit perfectly into the learning opportunities for an Elective History class, not the least because it will help students understand how a site can be open to a range of historical interpretations.”  Review by Bernie Howitt, Head of the NSW History Teachers Association. Published in the September 2014 edition of the NSW HTA newsletter.

Tour highlight: The little bits of information not known about the early history of The Rocks and Sydney August 2016 History HOD. Manly (teacher feedback survey)


* illi-Langi – The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour

Guides were incredibly engaging and made the information really easy for the students to understand. March 2018, Year 9 Teacher 


The knowledge we received was invaluable. Aunt was amazing, she spoke with such knowledge, energy and passion that both myself and the students couldn’t help but want to learn everything she had to share. March 2018,  Secondary Teacher – Years 7-10


Kids really enjoyed the tour and took a lot from it. It was a great lead in to our history unit. The guides had great knowledge of the history and sites we visited and engaged the children really well.”  July 2017 Year4/5 teacher (teacher feedback survey) 


Tour highlights


The props were a highlight for me, to see the shells, possum skins, woven basket added an extra level on interest for me. The students loved that they could touch and feel the things the guides were speaking about March 2018  Year 9 Teacher (teacher feedback  survey) 


Margret’s knowledge, passion and connection with the students.  June 2017 Years 9/10 History Teacher (teacher feedback survey) 


The students enjoyed the hands on interactive activitiesFebruary 2017 Year 4 teacher, (teacher feedback survey)


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